Thirty On Grace Has Its Top Recommendations For You

We are aware that most people do not know where to start when they go away especially when you are trying to fit in 100 things in just 24 hours. With so many attractions in and around where your accommodation is like here at Thirty On Grace we suggest that yu start with a list. You do not necessarily have to keep to this specific list but its a good place to start when you don't have any idea where to start. 

Here are some suggestions for you: 

Go on a walking tour

A walking tour is a tour of a historical or cultural site undertaken on foot, frequently in an urban setting. 

Segway Tours 

A Segway tour resembles an average walking tour, except for the part where you don't walk but ride a Segway through the city and explore popular sights

Tour Bus Routes

A tour bus service is an escorted tour or bus service that takes visitors sightseeing, with routes around tourist attractions.

Experience the Local Flavours 

Remember the Great Outdoors 

Take a day Trip 

Or simply Just have some fin in the Sun at the Beach.